Alex is a Brooklyn-based

connecting the public
to science.

I think nonscientists sell themselves short. “It’s not my thing.” “That’s beyond me.” “That’s over my head.” I’ve heard it all. Scientists (me included) are commonly stereotyped as people unable to connect with “the real world.” I don’t buy either of these stereotypes. So, I’m debunking both by bridging the gap.

This is how.

My research consisted of developing green methods to synthesize and leverage peroxides — a commonly misunderstood chemical compound capable of combating cancer. (Stereotype: busted!)

I founded and run Chemical Makeup, a Bushwick-based event production group that raises money for organizations that bring diversity to science. (Diversity: funded!)

Public Relations
I promote diversity across the scientific community as the PR coordinator for the Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering (ADSE). (STEM: diversified!)

I’m one half of the comedy duo “Not For Everyone.” Apart from performing, I periodically host and co-produce The Symposium Academic Standup Show at Caveat NYC. (Comedy: scienced!)

Food Science
At Superlost Coffee, I develop ways to repurpose waste by asking questions like, “Could I turn coffee grounds into premium beauty products?” (Beauty: created!)

I frequently curate themed dinners that use science as a vehicle for flavor journeys. Will I cook for you? Perhaps, if you ask nicely. (Dinner: served!)

Looking to build bridges between our communities? Let’s talk.

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